We are

Young Jains of America

EST. 1991

to provide youth with a platform that:
Promotes Spiritual and cultural awareness of jainism
Providing resources to build awareness and knowledge about Jainism through initiatives such as YJA Pathshala, the Jainism 101 Video Series, and Temple Handouts.
Fosters an interconnected community
Enabling members to apply Jain principles to their day-to-day lives through projects such as Aneka (YJA’s Podcast), Young Minds, and Jains In Action (JIA).
Cultivates a jain way of life in north america
Encouraging youth to engage with their local communities and cultivate friendships through events such as the biennial YJA Convention and annual regional retreats.

Through religious, cultural, and educational activities, YJA strives to bring together the knowledge of the global community with the opportunity of the 21st century to cultivate Jain values in tomorrow’s leaders.

YJA is the leading non-profit organization uniting Jain youth across North America. We’re continuously looking to expand our community and encourage youth between the ages of 14-29 to join YJA.

YJA is focused on empowering the Jain youth of tomorrow. Through Local Representatives, Project Teams, and Committees, YJA members can get more involved with YJA and develop hard and soft skills.

YJA has created a space for Jain youth to learn about Jain principles and apply them in their daily lives. Donations will ensure that YJA’s initiatives and events can continue to empower the next generation of Jains.