Jai Jinendra! Welcome to the Events Corner of YJA. Throughout the year, YJA hosts a variety of large-scale events - from National Dinners to Regional Retreats - as well as smaller regional-level activities - such as game nights, community service events, and educational discussions to help youth build relationships and deepen their understanding of Jainism.

Regional Coordinators, in coordination with Local Representatives (youth volunteers across each region), aim to bring together youth, build bridges with Sanghs, and give back to the greater Jain community. See below for more information on your region, upcoming events, and how to get involved!

Upcoming Events
YJA 2024 Summer Events
Across North America

Click on your region above to learn more about the events and initiatives occurring near you! Have any ideas or questions? Feel free to email us at events@yja.org! You can also reach out to your Regional Coordinator - their contact information is located on the region-specific pages.

Regional Retreats

Each year in early Spring, our regions host a retreat to bring youth from across the region all together for a weekend. YJA’s regional retreats are both a spiritual and a social experience - they provide Jain youth with the opportunity to explore the Jain Way of Life and connect with old and new friends alike!

While all of our retreats are slightly different in how they specifically structure the weekend, they share the same set of core features that together combine to create an unforgettable experience for you. Specifically, some of these are that attendees have the opportunity to cook and eat Jain meals together, discuss topics of Jainism across personal, professional, and spiritual lenses, and (most importantly) have fun and bond!

Registration for the annual retreats launches on our website each year in the Winter. Keep an eye out for information on next year’s retreat!

In order to participate in a YJA regional retreat, each attendee must:

  • Be within the YJA age limit (ages 14-29 years old)
  • Register for the retreat before the stated deadline. The registration fee includes overnight accommodations and meals. Depending on location, some activities may require an extra fee that can be paid during registration as well
  • Abide by the stated rules throughout the duration of the retreat (including transportation to and from the retreat)
  • Sign and submit the liability form to a member of the retreat planning committee before attending the retreat

Jain youth and parents are encouraged to assist the Executive Board in planning regional retreats.

Here are some easy ways you can help plan or support a regional retreat:

  • Volunteer to drive/carpool to and from the retreat
  • Make a donation to YJA in support of the retreat
  • Encourage your friends and fellow youth to register and attend
  • Promote the retreat at your local Jain Center

As always, please feel free to reach out to your Regional Coordinators at events@yja.org with any ideas, comments, or suggestions.

Please check your Region's page for relevant updates on retreats dates, locations, and registration. You can also check your regional Facebook group for upcoming retreat information. Although our regional retreats are publicized primarily to members in the states within the region, YJA members may and are encouraged to attend retreats in any region of their choice.

We look forward to having you attend a YJA Regional Retreat this year! If you have any questions, please contact us at events@yja.org.

Biennial Convention

YJA conventions are organized and hosted every two years for over 750 Jain youth, aged 14–29, from across the globe. Each convention is organized by a team of 35-40 individuals – students and young professionals – from across North America. The goal of each convention is to create a space for Jain youth to be inspired: it is a unique opportunity for us to explore and deepen our understanding of our faith by learning from our peers, leaders in our community, and a diverse range of guest speakers.

YJA conventions are divided into three main tracks:

  • High School
  • College
  • 22+ (ages 22-29)

Attendees are able to select their track based on their age and current status in school, ensuring they have access to the sessions and activities most relevant to them. Each convention’s Daytime Programming and Social events tie the overall theme together, and the unique experiences and memories of Convention result in lifelong friendships and communities. By interacting with attendees of all ages, youth get to see how Jainism is a source of support and guidance throughout various phases of their life.