Jain-Friendly Chefs on the Web

Are you looking for a quick and easy Jain recipe to try out at home? Or a more complicated one to impress your friends? We’ve compiled a list of great resources for you to check out. Also, take a look at our growing list of secret ingredients to watch out for in the grocery store. We’re always open to input, so send us your suggestions at education@yja.org. Bon Appetit!

Ingredients Watch List

It’s always a good idea to read the ingredients before buying something in the grocery store or ordering something at restaurants, because even products you’ve been eating for a long time may add new, non-Jain ingredients. We’ve compiled a list of common ingredients to watch out for.

Send us your input if you find something that’s not on this list!

  • Potato starch in shredded cheese packets
  • Chicken broth
  • Rennet
  • Gelatin (found in products such as marshmallows, Rice Krispie treats, and Starburst)
  • Fish and oyster sauces in Pad Thai
  • Lard in refried beans
  • Carmine (color produced from crushed beetles) in red food coloring and red velvet cake
  • Eggs in certain chocolates
  • Beet powder and potato in Taco Bell brown beans
  • Gelatin in Taco Bell sour cream
  • Eggs in pizza pie dough crust
  • Domino’s sugar packets – only those manufactured in Orlando and New York are acceptable for Jains (do not contain crushed bones)
  • l-cysteine in baked goods (such as bagels)
  • Glycerides (mono-, di-, and triglycerides): animal fat mostly found in melted cheese (nacho cheese, except Velveeta brand)
  • Beta Carotene: food coloring from beets (most juices and butter contain this)