Project Teams

YJA Project Teams were created to sustain the growth of several initiatives established by YJA Executive Boards which have expanded in scope and reach over recent years. YJA Project Teams utilize motivated members to lead and contribute towards these initiatives. If you are interested in working on any of these projects or interested in Project Teams in general, please reach out to [email protected]

  • Ideates and develops scripts, edits recordings and music, and curates marketing materials. Engages in conversations with members of the Jain community while exploring various perspectives on Jainism, lifestyle, philosophy, and much more.
  • Acts as a liaison between YJA and all of the YJA College Chapters, plans and organizes events to support current and incoming college students, and coordinates outreach to help establish new chapters!
  • Plans and executes problem solving and hackathon competitions at YJA, JAINA, as well as virtually. Supports participants in making their ideas a reality.
  • Helps design and develop the YJA Mobile Application! This is the perfect project for coders and designers!
  • Moderates the YJA Reflect Facebook Group, plans sessions and book club events for the Reflect community, and focuses on maintaining overall engagement within this group!

YJA’s Committees work with Directors throughout the year on various projects and initiatives to further YJA’s mission. Whether it’s developing YJA Pathshala content, brainstorming fundraising strategies, writing an article for Young Minds, or making a graphic for a social media posts, Committee members get an opportunity to make an impact in the YJA community and grow as leaders.

If you are interested in joining a Committee or have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

  • Helps develop YJA Pathshala content, creates social media posts and articles for various holidays, writes for publications such as Younger Minds, and works on other education-based projects!
  • Takes on a variety of fundraising initiatives such as Giving Tuesday, plans for future releases of the YJA Shop, finds and vets organizations that align with Jain principles, and helps in exploring new fundraising strategies!
  • Develops content and design, and edits for Young Minds, publishes articles on Medium, coordinates with international Young Jain organizations to collect new content for YJA publications, and works on other initiatives such as Humans of YJA!
  • Helps create graphics to market local and national events, assists with developing social impact campaigns, and assists with maintaining YJA’s overall brand and style guidelines.